BAC Mono was this year’s overall Goodwood FOS winner image

Crashes, unique cars, major introductions, celebrities – the year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed had it all. But let’s not forget the event is also a full-on competition, with the legendary hill climb brining honor to the prize snatcher.

The event is of course split in different categories – two most important being the Supercars and the smaller Race Cars for the Road. Briggs Automotive Company, better known by everybody as BAC, was the year’s victor with the Mono and a time of 49.54 seconds, seconded by the Caterham Seven 620R with 50.01 seconds and the Radical RXC Turbo with 50.83 seconds. “It was always going to be close between us and the Caterham and Radical, but I’m so happy with the run and it was fantastic to top the leaderboard by such a chunk,” said test driver Oliver Webb. “We pushed the Mono hard out there but it handled everything we threw at it and came home with a great time.”

This is the fifth time the Liverpool-based company has come to the Goodwood Festival of Speed but it’s only their first triumph. “We’re absolutely over the Moon with our Hillclimb victory – my heart was beating out of my chest as Oli crossed the line,” also said Neill Briggs, cofounder and Director of Product Development. The Supercars race crowned the Audi R8 in front of the Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 Turbo S, with the top five including the Lamborghini Aventador S and the Ford GT.