Back to the Future III DeLorean auctioned for $541.200 image

The DeLorean vehicle used in the third part of the “Back to the Future” movie has just been auctioned for an impressive 541.200 USD.

The “Back to the Future” movies have been part of my childhood and always made me want a DeLorean, but it seems that I’m not the only one and someone’s dream has just came to life, after paying an impressive amount of 541.200 USD for the original car used in the third part. The model has been recently auctioned by Joe Maddalena and his company “Profiles in History”, along with a whole bunch of other things, and the DeLorean managed to sell for $541.200. DeLorean has made a total of 7 DMC-12s for the “Back to the Future” series and this model was one of only three remaining and the only one that ended up in private hands.

In other words, DeLorean is planning a comeback with the DMC-12 in an electric version, and, according to the company’s official website, the model might make it into production by 2013. The first prototype of the DeLorean DMC-12 has appeared in March 1976 and the production officially began in 1981. It is estimated that 9.000 DMC-12s have been made before the production has been stopped in 1982 and about 6.500 Delorean vehicles are still “alive” today.