Bad news for automakers: the Americans want autonomous cars from tech companies image

Although many automakers are now racing around the clock to develop self-driving cars, according to new research the US public is also very receptive to such cars coming from unconventional producers, like technology companies.

Americans seem to be fine with the general idea of self-driving cars. In fact, they even seem to be willing to pay extra for the new technology. And, as this is cutting edge technology, they seem to think tech firms like Google could even do a finer job than traditional automakers.

“Consumers would be willing to buy a self-driving car from leading technology companies even more so than your traditional automotive companies,” said Gary Silberg, with the consulting firm KPMG. “When people talk about self-driving cars the number one vehicle they talk about is the Google car,” added Silberg. “They (Google) have gotten ahead of all the traditional OEM’s (automakers) on this topic.”

The Google car was shown to the public just three years ago – and it seems to have made quite the impression. Silberg’s auto research team that conducted focus groups across the country, asking people about their opinion on autonomous driving, saw that many seemed to relate to the tech giant. The KPMG focus groups also uncovered an interesting aspect: US buyers would even accept the idea of paying more (20-25%) for cars that are able to drive them from point to point without the need of a driver input.