Bajaj Auto RE60 unveiled – may compete with Tata Nano image

Bajaj Auto on Tuesday unveiled the RE60 — a mini four-wheeler for intra-city urban transportation vehicle that will compete most probably with Tata’s Nano.

High fuel efficiency and lower emissions are the key factors on which the company is banking on to make its foray into the car segment a success.

The engine in the RE60 is a new 800cc water cooled DTSi 4 (Digital Twin Spark Ignition) valve and would give a maximum speed of 70km per hour. The car has a seating capacity of four people. It has been designed and developed fully by Bajaj Auto and not with Renault or Nissan Motors.

“This vehicle has been designed for intra-city passenger transport keeping in mind intra-city duty cycles and safety requirements, ” he added.

Bajaj Auto, however, did not share sales targets for the new product but said opportunities are not only in the domestic market but overseas as well.

“We make about 5,20,000 three-wheelers a year of which only 2,00,000 are sold in India and rest exported. So we see markets like Sri Lanka, which could be the first export market has huge potential for RE60,” he said.

The RE60 will be manufacturered in Bajaj’s plant in Aurangabad in western India, and will be made available to customers in the next few months, Bajaj said.

The price of the vehicle has not yet been announced, but could compete with the Tata Nano, which is the cheapest car in the world.


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    weird looking

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    Tata Nano is a thousand times better than this weird creature…