Bajaj to showcase ultra low cost car in New Delhi image

Indian car manufacturer Bajaj Auto will showcase its ultra low cost (ULC) small car, which will be called the KTM Duke 200, on January 3 2012 at the Delhi Auto Expo held in Pragati Maidan, India.

The KTM Duke 200 is the car Bajaj was contracted to build for Nissan and Renault, under the Ultra Low Cost (ULC) small car project that aimed to provide the two manufacturers with a rival for Tata Motors’ Nano 2012.

However, the ULC small car is expected to be slightly more expensive than the Nano, as it uses a larger, 800-cubic centimeters petrol engine (compared to Tata’s 624-cc unit), capable of providing a fuel economy of 3,33 liters/100 kilometers. As negotiated by the three companies involved in the project (Renault, Nissan and Bajaj), the Ultra Low Cost small car will be manufactured and developed by Bajaj, while Renault and Nissan will handle marketing and promotion. Bajaj also possesses an option of marketing under the Renault brand.

At the upcoming New Delhi auto show, Bajaj will reveal the price of the car and other details as well. The first prototype of the ULC small car from Bajaj was shown in 2008 at the Indian Auto Expo.