Bangladesh Prepares to Receive the Tata Nano image

From March, Bangladesh will be ‘invaded’ by the low-priced and reasonably reliable Nano, produced by Tata Motors. The car was scheduled to be launched last October, but the pricing issue delayed it.

“We plan to import up to 2,000 cars initially but the figure will be raised with increased demand in the country,” said Abdul Matlub Ahmed, chairman of Nitol-Niloy Group.

Nano is one of the smallest and cheapest cars in the world, likely to cost about 500,000 taka ($6,000) in Bangladesh, the price depending on the government’s decision on customs duty, compared to the used cars from Japan, that are appreciated for their high quality and reliability, but they are expensive. The only cars that came from India were some “Ambassador” taxi cabs.

If the demand for the new car rises, the Nitol-Niloy Group is ready to set up a Nano assembly unit in Bangladesh by the end of next year. The sales are expected to reach 10,000 units annually in the following 2 years. The Tata Nano could be the first Indian car to make an impact in the passenger car segment in Bangladesh.