GM unveiled the first model of its new car brand aimed specifically at China on Monday, aiming to strengthen its sales lead in the world’s top auto market by wooing middle-class drivers.

It’s the new Baojun 630 sedan, which debuted last week at the Shanghai auto show. Apparently, the midsize Baojun 630 has one truly appealing quality: It’s cheap.
The Baojun 630 is a midsize vehicle that was developed locally using GM technology. It is the first member of SGMW’s new Baojun brand of passengervehicles that will be available nationwide. The Baojun 630 will go on sale shortly after the auto show concludes.

The new Baojun sedan will be sold on the local market complete with a 1.5l DOHC engine, capable of producing 108 hp at 5,800 rpm and maximum torque of 146 Nm at 4,200 rpm. Far from being frugal when it comes to fuel consumption, judging by today’s standards, the engine needs however a comfortable amount of fuel to cover 100 km: 6.9 liters.

With a wheelbase of 2,640-mm it is also spacious inside and with more than 22 individual storage spaces for convenient storage and retrieval, it is also practical.
This being a family car it also has a comprehensive list of safety features including high-strength steel and the adoption of anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, three-point seat belts with early warning restraints, reverse drive radar, child safety seat fasteners and safety locks.

Baojun, whose name translates to “treasured horse”, will go on sale later this month through a network of 150 dedicated dealerships across the country.
The number of dealerships is expected to double by the end of the year, GM said in a statement.

Baojun 630



  1. It's our tax money!!! Why don't we get a 34mpg sedan for $10,000.00? We bail them out of bankruptcy and the Chinese get the benefit… The idea was to save and create jobs here- not in China!

  2. We can't expect a 34mpg sedan for $10,000 because Union labor and benefits make that impossible. Not to mention the emissions standards, crash worthiness, government safety mandates, etc, etc. Government Motors is really a wage and benefit corporation that manufactures cars as a hobby.

    Aside from that, we ought to hope GM makes billions in the China market to recoup the taxpayer-funded bailout, as if that would ever be possible.

    • Sooo… our tax dollars are paying for the Chinese and GM to build un-safe, air-polluting, sub-standard cars! There is only one Earth and we should back what is good for us all. Double standards abound! It's ok for Brazil to drill but not the U.S.- We should have invested in a NEW auto company that was non-union and employed only legalized illegal Mexicans! Talk about profit!
      (I'm going fishing- have a good day!)

      • How do our tax dollars go to a company that isn't run by the government? And besides, everything you hear about cars like these being air-polluting and stuff like that is just folklore used to scare everyone away. It's General Motors, guys. Get a grip on yourselves and stop assuming it will kill us all because it's Chinese.

  3. What it comes down to is that the chinese don't expect the same quality of goods and services we do, plus the government doesn't care about things like environmental impact. So GM is really just responding to what the market demands, a cheap car, period, they don't care about all of those fancy features like we have like mylink and mytouch and onstar in a cheap car. Its the same things that happened in the SUV bust when gas prices went sky high. We demanded big SUVs and everyone made em, then when we wanted a small car they were behind, because you can't retool a factory in a couple weeks or even months, not to mention the time for R&D


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