Barrichello: F1 should consider new qualifying format image

( Rubens Barrichello believes F1 should consider reviving the one-lap qualifying system for 2012.

The veteran Brazilian and Jarno Trulli said that the popular ‘knockout‘ sessions are no longer as interesting this year because drivers are conserving the Pirelli tyres for the race.

“The tyres are so different to last year so it’s worth having a look (at a format change), although I think qualifying is very good,” he said in Monaco.

Earlier this month, Trulli said the strategy chaos caused by the Pirelli tyre situation has meant “the death of qualifying” and he confirmed his belief in the aftermath of the Spanish Grand Prix.

“Now I can confirm it,” he wrote in his latest column for La Repubblica. “The drivers are focusing more on saving a set of tyres than doing the fastest lap, and in the race the reason becomes clear. Who has more tyres, wins.”

“I think qualifying has been quite good for the past years but we only have one run right now so it’s worth having a look to see if there’s anything different for next year,” he said.