Barriers are falling between technology and auto industry companies image

We live in a time of change – that could very well be the motto of auto companies. For example, California-based Tesla motors has shown that traditional barriers that made the auto industry a closed circle have gone down faster than the Berlin wall.

Beginning just a few years ago as a mere startup, the automakers which only produces electric vehicles has proved entering the auto industry might not be as difficult as once envisioned. Meanwhile, the traditional automakers have been themselves bridging the gap towards the technology industry by pushing huge leaps into traditional technological car development, attracting the interest of some Silicon Valley giants. We all know that Google Inc. has already set out to bring in just a few years autonomous vehicles on the roads and now the recent rumors put Apple into electric car development. “It’s exactly what this industry needed: a disruptive interloper,” believes Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV. “It’s a good thing but when you are one of the guys whose life is being disrupted then you are not necessarily looking forward to the event.”

In Germany, for example, are already under way plans to support the traditional German car industry to face the upcoming technology competition. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing party, according to a policy paper seen by Bloomberg, is mulling legislation that would support the local automakers and technology companies in their drive to compete with Silicon Valley emerging threats. Their goal is to produce the laws needed to support the advancements in driverless vehicles before Frankfurt auto show in September.

Via Bloomberg