Batman shooting: Police to investigate a suspect Hyundai vehicle that may contain explosives image

Denver – Police is using a robot to investigate suspect vehicle in the car park. The Hyundai is thought to be linked to the “Batman” gunman and there are fears it may contain explosives.

Police have arrested a suspect in a shooting in a suburban Denver movie theatre in which 14 people were killed, and there was no evidence of a second gunman, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said on Friday.

Officer said that the man, who has not been named, carried three guns – a rifle and handgun and possibly a shotgun. They were found in the theatre after the shooting.

Local radio station KOA said authorities were evacuating the area while they checked if there was an exploding device there or if other gunmen in Batman mask were around.

“Witnesses tell us that he released some sort of canister. They hear a hissing sound and a gas emerged. And then we know the gunman opened fire.” Aurora police chief Dan Oates said.

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