Be the prestigious owner of fastest cars just under $50,000 image

If car driving is a passion for you, we are having great news for you as GT500 version of Ford Mustang has got immense improvisation and has earned exclusive speeds of getting 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds alongwith the top speed of 155 mph and most importantly all of these hot gifts are offered for just $48,645. The same features are also available in other models like Nissan 370Z and Infiniti G37. Both of these models are also available in the prices under $50,000. The driver can gear up the car for 60 miles per hour speed in just 6 seconds which is absolutely stunning.

There was a survey conducted recently in which the car models that are sold in USA were evaluated and the 0-60 speeds data of the available cars were provided by one of the most authentic source Kelly Blue Book and in some cases, it was offered by the manufacturers of cars. This survey was combed to the different models of Sedans, Coupes and Roadsters. This is the classification that would definitely love by the car lovers as they can have the direct idea of the features and prices of the cars that can offer them adventurous and enthusiastic speeds.

It can be truly the economical deal if cars with such dynamic speeds are offered under $50,000 as to have such speeds, the turbo boosters needs to get efficient and advanced which are quite expensive. Even the torque and light weighted carbon fiber body panels are fitted by the Ford and other models of cars which are having speedier movements. The aluminum framers are also the bonus that the buyers can have with these buying. There are many of the expensive cars available in the market with deliberate and elegant exterior and features but not all the buyers can afford it. These days, the companies like Ford, Nissan, Infiniti and even BMW are launching the cars that are well into the budgets and still are able to satisfy the hunger of driving the cars crazily.

Even BMW is all set to launch the speediest and technically efficient models of high performance engineering at the prices. The prime models are Z4 that is offered for $46,000; 335i for $40,600 and 135i for $36,050. These are some of the hottest assets that are available in the market with lowest possible prices. Be the prestigious owner of these speedsters that put heavy pressure on engines but not on pockets.