BeamNG released an update for a physics-based soft-mod for the CryEngine, enabling vehicles in games to respond and react in a very realistic way.

BeamNG is a relatively new company that develops a state of the art real time physics simulation engine. The company was founded in 2011 and its team is made of two programmers and two artists. They focus on game physics simulation, trying to show us how things move and not how they look on the screen.

Those of you who are familiar with games such as Gran Turismo for Playstation or Forza Motorsport for XBOX know their claims to fame for racing simulator realism. In fact both games lack truly realistic collision damage. If you hit a wall at 180 mph the worst thing that could happen to your car is to go tumbling over its own inertia while only scuffing the front bumper or break a headlight. Pretty realistic right?

The only way for them to get realistic vehicle damage is to crash each and every car that they added into the game while recording massive amounts of data using all sorts of telemetry. But just think of hoq many cars both games feature. It would be financially impossible to do this. Here is where BeamNG gives us a hand. They have created a “soft body physics” modification for Cry Engine 3, produced by developer Crytek, and which has offered the basis for various big-name videogame titles.
The team has been working on this project for some time now and here is where they got with their work. This is the latest version and it’s quite impressive right?


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