Just browsing the Internet and the various YouTube channels and you’ll immediately understand why people go crazy about the Ariel Atom – a model that looks like a stripped down car from an unknown manufacturer.

But just take a look at the video featuring the vehicle and Jeremy Clarkson in his good old days at Top Gear and you’ll get a taste of the sensations experienced in such a ride. Which is why many people can’t actually afford it or the off-road oriented Nomad. But in case you’re a dire fan of the Atom and especially of the limited-run V8 model, there’s a chance you’ll quench your desire, somewhat. You still need a sizeable wallet, since the scale replica is no less than 200 bucks. But for the cash you’ll get the Ariel Motor Company first officially authorized scale model of the Atom V8. It’s being delivered in the well known 1:18 scale and by the looks of the gallery every aficionado will be satisfied by the intricate level of detailing.

Beautiful Ariel Atom scale model is intricately detailed and costs $200 2

“Probably one of the most difficult car models to make” has been crafted by Soul Models in Spain and it comes with the gold chassis and wheels, carbon bodywork, side pods and unique color scheme of the Limited Edition Ariel Atom V8. “We have been approached by a few model makers over the years but when they understand the complexity of modelling the Atom they have all given up at an early stage. We’ve been keen to see a scale version of an Atom so it’s great that Soul Models have taken on the task and produced such a great, detailed model,” commented Simon Saunders of Ariel. Only 1500 numbered units will be sold worldwide at a price of £149.94 inc VAT.


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