Lamborghini unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show the Urus SUV concept vehicle.

Lamborghini’s CEO declared that the company could have made a sedan instead of a SUV but it wouldn’t have been cool enough, since sedans are ‘less emotional’ than SUVs and so not fit for the maker of extreme performance vehicles. Lamborghini also plans to make a car that can be used for more than just occasional high-speed drives.

“What we want to build is a real Lamborghini in any market segment we enter,” he said. “Today, we are not building cars which are meant to driven on a daily basis from ‘point a’ to ‘point b,'” Winkelmann said, “and this car is exactly that.”

Currently Lamborghini’s line-up consists of two models, the V-12 powered Aventador, from $375,000, and the V-10 powered Gallardo, from about $180,000, available in numerous hard-top and convertible variations. The Ursus SUV is expected to hit the market in 2016 with a starting price of about $200,000. Engine options might include the new Bentley 6.0L W12 or the 4.0L V8. 0-100 kmph (0-62 mph), with a top speed reaching around 255 kmph (180 mph).

“The Urus is a very concrete idea for the future of Lamborghini – as a third model line and as the perfect complement to our super sports cars,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “SUVs stand for freedom and emotion. SUVs make up one of the most successful market segments worldwide. The Urus is the most extreme interpretation of the SUV idea; it is the Lamborghini of the SUVs.”


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