Beijing Motor Show: Peugeot 308 Sedan image

PSA Group’s offensive on the Chinese market has started with the unveiling of the new 2016 Peugeot 308 Sedan in Beijing.

The French maker Peugeot-Citroen is now focusing on its newer “Push to Pass” strategy for the 2016-2021 timeframe, as it plans to keep the good momentum triggered by the successful “Back in the Race” turnaround plan. The Chinese market is evidently a key one for the company to hit its desired growth targets and this is the reason why PSA and its local partner Dongfeng have presented their 5-year strategic development path “Blue Upper” in China at the Beijing auto show. “Blue Upper has a clear ambition: within 5 years to make Dongfeng Peugeot the benchmark broadline top-of-the-range brand in China and to join the Top 10 most sold brands on the world’s primary market,” it said in a statement.

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As part of the offensive, the Group unveiled its future core model, the 2016 Peugeot 308 sedan. The automaker did not reveal any technical info about the car, besides the fact that it sits on the EMP2 platform, similar to the European version. The new sedan, which will come to the local market in the second half of the year, forms the base of Dongfeng’s range, on a segment with the highest volumes in China. Alongside the Peugeot 308 sedan, the company also showcased the 3008 crossover in Beijing.