Beijing to have 4 mln cars soon, to use clean fuel image

China’s capital city of Beijing will have four million cars running on its streets and roads by the end of December, but the air quality will not be further compromised, media reported recently.

Last month, Beijing’s cars totaled 3.96 million, China Daily reported. Beijing authorities estimate that 2,100 new cars are added to the city’s streets every day. It will have taken only 28 months for the number of cars to increase from 3 million to 4 million in Beijing.

The local environmental bureau has said that the air pollution in Beijing wouldn’t worsen as the number of cars increased, as the city has been using cleaner fuel that meets the Euro IV standard since 2008 to cut emissions, and running a no-car day campaign since April.

The city has subsidized more than 100,000 car owners to phase out their high-emission vehicles for cleaner ones this year. The slashed emissions from the fuel-guzzlers would help ensure the city’s air quality.

The municipality also plans to add 500 electric-powered taxis by the end of next year. The eco-friendly technology will be expanded to 20,000 buses and cleaning vehicles in coming years.