Beijing: Two new Honda Concept Cars revealed image

The Japanese based automaker Honda has officially presented to the public at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show two new concept cars, named the Honda Concept C and the Honda Concept S.

According to the car manufacturer, the Honda Concept C is actually a preview for a new low-cost sedan which will be aimed towards the Chinese auto market, while the Honda Concept S will underpin a new global compact car. Honda says that the production version of the Concept C will hit the market in China next year, while the Concept S will be sold in global emerging markets at first. Honda also says that the Concept S is actually powered by a hybrid powertrain, but details on this haven’t been announced just yet.

The Honda Concept C is taking its “C” name from “cool, challenge and China”, as the Japanese car manufacturer is saying, and the model is actually inspired by a dragon, with an angular styling, being also a tribute for the Chinese Year of the Dragon. The design of the Honda C has been made after a collaboration between the company’s Japanese and Chinese design houses. More details on the two models will be announced once they will be ready for their new customers, as production vehicles.