Bengala Ferrari F12 Caballeria is a carbon fiber stable image

This bespoke Ferrari F12 has been envisioned by virtually unknown Spanish design house Bengala, and the “Caballería” package has GT3 inspiration matched by carbon fiber build.

The kit takes out most of the F12berlinetta’s body and turns it into an overly aggressive carbon fiber build. The folks that penned the project announced their inspiration was taken from Ferrari’s GT3 racers when styling the extravagant body kit, which has a radical impact on how the supercar is viewed no matter the angle. Bengala has said the carbon fiber build was selected for the weight loss but they failed to reveal exact figures. It could bring a few pounds down from the regular F12berlinetta which tips the scales at 1,525 kilograms (3,362 pounds).


With the diet, the bespoke supercar could go down to three seconds to 62 mph (100 km/h) instead of the standard 3.1 seconds. Ferrari F12berlinetta owners that take a liking to what Bengala did should hurry up because the tuning house has announced it will have an exclusive build of just ten examples. And they also plan to move fast, because production of all these carbon fiber conversions will cease during the summer of next year.