Bentley announced final series for its Arnage. image

After 10 years of duty, Bentley Motors announced final series for one of the finest limousine. The Arnage.
Over the last decade the car has undergone a process of constant refinement to its body, design, chassis and powertrain to maintain its class-leading position in the high luxury market.

To celebrate 10 years of the Arnage, 50 years of its mighty V8 engine and 90 years of the marque, Bentley Motors will launch its limited edition model at the Paris Motor Show next week.
Called the Bentley Arnage Final Series, the new model features a unique specification, combining the performance of the 500 bhp Arnage T with the refinement of the Arnage R and design elements from the Brooklands coupe, for the ultimate expression of British luxury and effortless power in a four-door saloon – a grand finale, for the grandest of Bentleys.

Hand crafted at Bentley’s Crewe facility, the Final Series is an exclusive run of 150 cars, a unique example of the marque’s flagship created to bid ‘farewell’ to the highly successful Arnage line in the most appropriate manner and style.  Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive, Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen, explains:

For 10 years, Arnage has enjoyed extraordinary success at the pinnacle of the luxury saloon market.  The Final Series is a celebration of the Arnage era as Bentley prepares for the next generation of its flagship model.

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