Bentley China sales to top 4,000 units over 5 yrs image

Last week at the launch ceremony of a Bentley showroom in Guangzhou city, southern China, a top executive of Bentley China said that this super-luxury brand will deliver at least 4,000 its cars over the next five years in China, which is becoming one of the top three Bentley markets, local media reported.

In 2008, there were 407 Bentley sedans sold in mainland China. However, in the first half this year, Bentley sales in the mainland dropped 10% from a year earlier. As the Chinese economy and auto market are recovering, the full-year sales of Bentley are expected to see growth over last year.

All of the world’s luxury sedan brands, such as Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Maybach have recently redoubled their efforts to explore the Chinese market, where a base of billionaire consumers is expanding. Bentley is standing out in the increasing fierce competition between these ultra-luxury brands in China.

Over the next five years, Guangzhou city as the capital of one of China’s richest provinces will be likely to see about 40% of the Bentley sales in mainland China. By the end of June, 2009, a total of 130 Bentley cars had been sold in Guangzhou, up 90% annually.