Bentley Continental Flying Spur Linley Limited Edition coming soon image

One of the most prestigious automakers out there, Bentley, has joined forces with the British design company Linley in order to create a limited edition of the Continental Flying Spur, which will bring a lot of updates to the luxurious car.

“The car had to look different and we wanted a strong statement inside the interior, so we chose Santos rosewood, a straight grain veneer. Bentley usually uses burr veneers for their interiors as they are more malleable around compound curves. Using a straight grain veneer was a challenge but together we succeeded and the final results look stunning”, said the Linley head of design, Mark Blanchard.

The limited edition of the Continental Flying Spur will come with Linley veneers in the cabin, for the console, waistrail and roof console, being used on the entire wood surfaces. Linley will go to a whole new level and place in the boot of the car a leather bag, a leather luggage tag and a cashmere blanket, which will actually come in useful when you decided you want to spend a night on your Flying Spur’s backseat. And if you want to pick mushrooms the leather bag is the perfect item to have with you. Interesting features.

According to Bentley, only ten units of the Continental Flying Spur Linley Limited Edition will be produced and the car will be destined for the Chinese auto market.