Bentley Continental GT gets interior restyled from Vilner image

The Bulgarian aftermarket specialists at Vilner have recently pulled the wraps off their latest creation, a Bentley Continental GT with a completely refreshed cabin.

The Vilner tuning company is specialized in interior restyling and even if it’s not based in a country where tuning comes naturally, like Germany, the UK, Italy, Japan or the US, it’s still a player and models signed by it are popular. After presenting us with a lot of luxurious models which have received a brand new interior, beyond recognizable, the newest creation signed by Vilner is a Bentley Continental GT, which is also getting the same treatment.

The model in question has been fitted with Alcantara and with dark brown leather in order to create a chocolaty theme, with the roof liner getting the dark brown finish, along with the seats, while the middle section and the pillars have received a brighter hue. Dark Brown wood trim has been used on the door handles, on the steering wheel, on the center console and on the instruments and the looks are being completed by the creamy colored leather found on the door panels and dashboard. No additional details on the Bentley Continental GT signed by Vilner have been announced yet.