Bentley has decided to celebrate the soon to be outgoing Continental GT with… a Continental GT that celebrates itself – kind of hedonistic, but then again, this is life in the ultra-premium segment.

Following the recent introduction of the yacht for land Galene version, Bentley isn’t standing still and now has found the time to release into the wild yet another limited edition for the Continental GT – we have a feeling the eighth generation Phantom VIII’s introduction has to do with the influx of Bentley presentations… Anyways, we have another special series based on the Convertible model and is here to honor 14 years of existence for the Grand Tourer model. Crewe is also fondly speaking about the Timeless Series as if it’s the last of its kind – probably since we’re approaching the generational switch bound to happen later this year. The droptop from Crewe is offered in an unspecified number of examples in Glacier, Camel, Light Ice, Cool, Dark Sapphire, Onyx, and Havana.

Bentley Continental GT Timeless Series is a pat on its own back 7

Moving inside the luxurious cabin, there’s leather and wood and even deep-pile floor mats. For the first time in a Continental GT there’s a Liquid Amber veneer with five layers of hand-painted lacquer applied all over – and you also get a two-tone steering wheel, an eight-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system with 30 GB hard drive, 15 GB of music storage, sat-nav. For America the Continental GT Convertible Timeless packs the W12 engine while in Europe clients will be relegated to the eight-cylinder V8 S version.


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