Bentley believes that its new ultra-luxury SUV, which will hit the market in 2016, will create a new segment.

The ultra-luxury SUV is expected to be priced around 180,000 euro, more than the most expensive Range Rover. The automaker also expects the model to coin a new segment.

“It will be the world’s most expensive and luxurious SUV,” Kevin Rose, Bentley’s global head of sales and marketing, said at the Frankfurt auto show last week.

Rose added that the automaker is targeting Range Rover as almost 30% of its customers own one. The ultra-luxury Bentley SUV will be fitted with a 12-cylinder engine which will produce between 575 hp and 650 hp and will have the same architecture as Porsche and Audi all-wheel-drive cars. The SUV will come with four, five and seven seats option and will features high ground clearance.

“This really is an SUV. In the Middle East it has to go up and down sand dunes, and in Europe it has to be able to tow stuff in the wet field,” added Rose.

Bentley plans to expand its range, therefore the brand’s Continental portfolio might include other body styles, such as a four-door coupe.

Source: Autonews


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