Bentley Falcon SUV to get off-road abilities image

Bentley is planning to feature some off-road abilities on its upcoming SUV, the Falcon, which should attract more customers into the model.

After the Bentley Falcon has been given the green light for production not too long ago, the model is entering our news once again, this time with an announcement made by the company’s engineering chief, Rolf Frech. According to Frech, the Bentley Falcon SUV will get off-road abilities, which will be limited, but they will be there, just in case an owner wants to take it on a short drive in nature.

“We have to show that it [off-roading] is possible. It’s like a Porsche 911 and the racetrack. How many customers are really going on the racetrack? The key is that they know that if they want to, they can”, said Rolf Frech.

This might well be just a marketing strategy and the only off-road abilities to be received by the new Bentley Falcon will be similar to those of a Porsche Cayenne, an Audi Q7 or a Volkswagen Touareg, but then again, who knows, maybe the Falcon SUV will become a classic like the Land Rover Defender and our grandchildren will go in safaris in Africa in them.

Source: Autocar