Bentley goes against the electric trend image

While Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, McLaren all test electric powertrains and go the hybrid way for their flagship models, luxury car maker Bentley still goes uphill and declares its love for the beautifully conventional 12 cylinder petrol engine.

By now, even rival Rolls-Royce has toyed with the idea of an electric car – experimenting with the stylish 102 EX concept. So it’s rather incredible that Bentley—Rolls’ British competitor and a bastion of automotive respectability as well—still has un undying love to its now famous W12-cylinder engines that run, utterly convention, on plain gasoline.

“Strong performance from our W12 models continued, with the Continental GT Speed and Continental GT Speed Convertible proving successful in all territories,” Kevin Rose, a Bentley board member, said in a statement on the company’s third-quarter results. The brand’s W12 models sales performances “strongly reinforce our position” against the competition.

“Our customers have shown they highly identify with Bentley as the leader of 12-cylinder technology,” said Bentley President Christophe Georges.

Next to it, the V8 range (Continental variants) technological advancements, which include ideas like cylinder deactivation and lightweight components, added to the streamlined design elements that lower the car’s weight, have brought a 40% increase in fuel efficiency, without taking away performance. This allows Bentley to still use for a while its W12 gasoline guzzler, at least until the new CO2 rules imposed by the EU will catch up and put a stop to the W12 era.

Via Forbes