Bentley has a new Head of Exterior Design image

The classic British ultra-luxury automaker has decided to bring in fresh forces for its design department, appointing John Paul Gregory as its new Head of Exterior Design.

This means the exterior styling of upcoming Bentleys might look a bit different than before, though Gregory is already familiar with the inner workings of the brand as he joined them more than eight years ago. He is now joining Stefan Sielaff as part of the task force that directs Bentely’s styling across the entire range. The latter was named Director of Design following Luc Donckerwolke’s switch to helming the design destiny of the South Korean conglomerate Hyundai – Kia. Sielaff came in place of Donckerwolke not long ago – in 2015 – when he was selected from within the ranks of the Volkswagen Group.

Returning to Gregory, we can see he’s young and fresh, though with a very strong background experience. Before joining Bentley, he was appointed to the exterior design language for Volkswagen and he holds a masters in Automotive Design and an Honours Degree in Transportation Design. We are now waiting to see what the new boss can come up in terms of styling, considering the brand’s four headlamp styling has remained constant – and many times successful – in a sense that modern Bentleys can be recognized by this strong design identity trait.