Bentley hides the Mulsanne EWB in huge gigapixel image image

The concept of grownups fiddling with the marvels of technology can sometimes take quirky side roads – just remember Audi’s gliphy A5 and S5 teaser campaign.

Now Bentley is taking another detour down the technology lane, using an interesting concept – they came up with a new gigapixel image of a Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Initially, without any zoom, the famous landmark appears to be the main feature – but if you look closely one speck is actually the large sedan. Fortunately zooming is done automatically and reveals this unit’s special combination of Rose Gold and Magnetic gray. The British automaker achieved the feat using a special camera placed 2,300 feet away from the sedan, creating the 53 billion-pixel photograph. This was done using the device that took 700 pictures from the same location and then blended them all together for the incredible detailing. With the interactive window you can zoom close enough to see the headrest logo’s stitching.

Bentley hides the Mulsanne EWB in huge gigapixel image 2

Recently updated, the Mulsanne also has the extended wheelbase version that adds almost 10 inches of space – especially in the rear area. The passengers there get treated to business class trips – including extending leg rests, a console with wood veneer, metal, glass, and leather as well as optional folding tables. The heart and soul of the flagship sedan is the biturbo 6.75-liter V8 packing 505 horsepower and 752 pound-feet, sent to the rear wheels using an eight-speed automatic.