Bentley is even more heavyweight now: they have stone veneers image

Calling it ultra-luxury doesn’t quite describe the way automotive business is done when dealing with certain brands. Just think about this – Bentley has stone inside its cars now.

Lavish and posh interiors are the norm when you can write checks with more than five zeros in a heartbeat so the clients are just as picky as is the marquee when taking away their cash. Now the British ultra-luxury automaker, owned by Germany’s Volkswagen Ag, has decided that an even more upscale cabin experience can be enabled through the addition of optional stone veneers. These can be had in four different hues: Autumn White, Galaxy, Copper, and Terra Red and can be matched to the Flying Spur and Continental models. These will only be available through the Mulliner bespoke unit which can tailor any vehicle to the client’s specific needs. The automaker added the slate and quartzite stone has been taken from hand-picked quarries in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, India and the stone is taken as sections from large pieces. Those are then curated using glass fiber and a unique resin and then milliner takes charge of the final stages of shaping by hand at home at the plant in Crewe.

The British automaker has not delivered any pricing details but since craftsmanship is involved we’re really not even interested in the actual price – Bentley even says the stone surfaces of the veneers become very light and translucent, enabling the stone’s grain and pattern to be visible to the lucky owner and the rest of the passengers.

Bentley is even more heavyweight now they have stone veneers