Bentley is going to try out mushrooms – for vegan leather image

The British ultra-luxury brand is looking to position itself as a leader in interesting segments as well – they are looking to build more environmentally-friendly automobiles.

We’re usually assuming they will go for hybrid, plug in hybrid and EV powertrains – but this isn’t the case this time, though plans for the former are also on the strategy board. This time around, Bentley is studying the use of alternate materials instead of the traditional ones. Bentley’s Director of Design Stefan Sielaff, who was at the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit, announced the brand is now looking at certain vegan-friendly options for upholsteries and trims. “You can’t sell an animal-containing product like a Bentley, with 20 leather hides, to someone with a vegan lifestyle,” Sielaff explained. “We’ve been talking to these customers. We do a lot of custom-made and coach-built solutions, in conjunction with our colleagues at Mulliner, and therefore we want to satisfy these customers because they are the peak of a trend.”

There’s no official schedule for the introduction of such “fresh” options, but it seems the design teams are already exploring different options. “We will shortly present a Bentley with a vegan interior, it’ll give you a luxury sensation but with a different way – protein leather, mushroom leather, jellyfish material. This is something the design and color and trim guys are interrogating.” Bentley is not the only one playing with such quirky ides – Ford for example wants to use bamboo mixed with plastic for certain interior bits thanks to its incredible strength that’s higher than wood, brick, or concrete.

Via AutoExpress