It’s quite extraordinary and is of course astonishing to see the Russian car armor specialist’s job on the Bentley Mulsanne.

ArmorTech Motors Group has made a stretched version of this vehicle and is also presenting an armored incarnation of the custom ride. The Bentley Mulsanne has got an additional space of 1, 150 mm that is total 45 inches, adding more space at the interior.

This makes the passengers feel like they are carrying their house on the wheels. Besides, it appeared as the company has aimed to make it duplex. This will help the customers to mark a choice of elevated roof, adding more space of 100 mm that is 3.9 inches as far as the height is concerned.

This extraordinary stretch made by ArmorTech can enjoy by all the customers. One can even enjoy the stretch of 500 mm that is 20 inches of length, bringing luxury to satisfy every desire. Apart from the stretch, the tuner has also added tech parts to the vehicle, such as enhanced brakes, suspension as well as chassis. The tuner has played with these parts to ensure that the vehicle can now provide proper handling as well as comfort level to all.

The most luxury work done in the interior of the vehicle where one will find a separation wall, an assortment of electronic goodies, and also a fresh design. To make the vehicle look distinct than others, one can also have the vehicle armor plated. With the help of this blend, adding space, luxury and tech into the vehicle, ArmorTech is presenting Bentley Mulsanne to those who want a unique and more appealing vehicle.



By Sunita Mandal



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