Bentley recalls 596 cars for what? For the Hood Ornament??? image

Now this is really funny in some way. Bentley hood ornaments may injure pedestrians in a crash by failing to retract.

The metal emblem known as the “flying B” may not fold down in a collision as intended because a mechanism may become corroded, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which posted the recall on its website.

“We do take it seriously,” company spokesman Valentine O’Connor said of the defect in an interview with Bloomberg News. “This is a precautionary measure.” Dealers will replace the hood ornaments on the $200,000-plus cars for free starting Sept. 27, the NHTSA said in its online posting of the recall.

Bentley announced it will begin performing repairs early next week, on September 27, adding that there were no incidents reported yet. The fix consists of replacing the retractable “B” mechanism altogether.