Bentley Relies On Its New Flying Spur To Reverse China Slump image

Bentley Motors, Volkswagen’s luxury unit, relies on the variation of the Flying Spur saloon to make up for the losses reported inChinalast year.

“We’re sure that we’re able to, let’s say, make an improvement over last year,” said Ricky Tay, BentleyChina’s managing director.

Ricky Tay added that the Flying Spur 8, the cheapest Bentley four-door sedan, is expected to “open up a new avenue to the luxury brand.” Bentley currently has 36 dealerships in China and it plans to open four more by the end of this year, targeting more entrepreneurs.

Bentley will unveil its new Flying Spur in April at an auto show in Beijing. The automaker expects to keep its luxury market share of more than 30 percent in China, its second largest market after the US. According to the company, the automaker sells in China more of its flagship Mulsanne limousine and Flying Spurs than in any other market.

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But after sales in the Asian country increased 23% in 2012 and almost doubled in 2011, last year the company reported  a loss of 2.8% blaming the model changes. Still, worldwide deliveries last year increased 19%.