Bentley sales put brand on track for record year image

The British luxury automaker, a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany’s Volkswagen AG, has announced in a statement its nine-month sales point to another record year of deliveries.

According to the company, Bentley is keeping up its promise for record sales in 2014, with the nine-month tally rising to 7,786 autos, a 19% delivery increase over the same period of 2013, when it sold 6,516 cars.

“We said at the start of the year that 2014 would be a record breaking year for Bentley and we are firmly on track to deliver on our promise,” says Kevin Rose, Bentley’s sales boss.

While the British brand aims a record year, we also have to add that 2013 was itself a record year – with Bentley finishing the year with 10,120 cars delivered to customers. The automaker counts the Americas, China, Europe and the Middle East as its four key regions and all of them performed strongly on increased demand for the Continental GT line and new introductions, such as the Continental GT V8 S and Flying Spur V8.

North and South America remained Bentley’s top region with sales of 2,107 units, an increase of 4% over the nine-months of 2013 that tallied 2,022 autos. During the January to September period, China proved again a flamboyant market, rising from 1,264 cars in 2013 to 1,959 units. Europe sales are up 7% and the Middle East had the best overall rise for the brand – up 21% at 720 vehicles.