Bentley seeking to expand into Aston Martin territory? image

The British automakers have one major contribution to the automotive industry – they have some of the most famous ultra-luxury brands. The trio formed between Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Aston martin has always been well defined – the latter only produces sports cars.

While Rolls-Royce and Bentley have always been the more generalist producers, as opposed to Aston martin – which has always had a tendency to produce highly sporty ultra-luxury models, Bentley has had a tradition of delivering high performance models back in the early stages of existence. The British brand, now owned by the second largest automaker in the world and the biggest in Europe, VW AG, is in a dire competition with its former sister brand – Rolls-Royce, which today belongs to German archrivals BMW AG. That has triggered a never before seen move – the approaching introduction of the firm’s first sport utility vehicle. But they could also plan a return to their sporty roots.

According to the Bentley chief executive, Wolfgang Duerheimer, Bentley has decided to test the market with their new concept coupe. The critically acclaimed EXP 10 Speed 6, which has been loved by the critics and public alike during its run of the auto show circuit, could very well reach the status of series production, says the executive. According to the CEO, Bentley is seriously considering the idea of further expanding its range of models that today consist of the three Continental cars, the flagship Mulsanne and the upcoming Bentayga crossover. If approved, the coupe would be priced similarly to the Continental range.

Via Automotive News Europe