The Bentley Bentayga might be one of the earliest examples of ultra-luxury SUVs, but that doesn’t mean the hulking crossover is the best sight out there.

But sometimes the model can deliver quite beautiful shots. For example the fact that it’s a model overflowing with gadgets, some of them might actually turn into careful pieces of automotive art. For example the seats that electrically adjust in a myriad of direction are also heated, ventilated, and have massaging functions. The stereo system has up to 20 speakers. There’s also four-zone climate-control, fridge, radar sensors, cameras, a separate 48-volt system for the active roll control system. And all these gadgets need of course lots of raw power – no less than 90 computers. What we’re saying here is the electrical system of the Bentayga is a hulking project in itself.

So Bentley decided to showcase these CAD shots of the monumentally complex electrical system – while it looks like a true maze, you can actually make out the vehicle’s outline and the placement of all major parts. The harness itself is huge, it comes bundled on a pallet the size of the car – it’s extremely stiff, so it must be a nightmare stuffing all the wires in the tiny holes such elements live in. While heavy at 110 pounds, no two harnesses are alike – too many combinations result in different options most of the time, so the harness is custom built to each vehicle. So this is weirdly beautiful…

Bentley showcases the beauty of technology – in this case Bentayga’s wiring


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