Bentley skis will cost 9,800 USD image

Bentley announced today that in cooperation with Styling Studio in Crewe will launch a hi quality skis. The handmade skis, poles and ski bag have been designed exclusively for Bentley, with design input from Bentley’s own team.

The skis will be a limited edition of 250 numbered pairs. Zaiìra® is a novel composite material containing carbon fibres specially developed by zai in co-operation with a partner. Zaiìra® is used on the skis’ top layer in combination with natural rubber in the central part as well as carbon fabric in composition with chrome steel in the torsion part. Additionally, long carbon fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (LFRTP) are being used in the zai for Bentley Supersport skis.

Now if you ask me, then let me tell you that those skis are way too expensive! Let’s take a look at the D2 skis from Atomic for ex! They are one of the best, and cost ~ 1500 $. But almost 10.000 bucks is too much !





  • frhryy

    Who drives a Bentley and skis? Where's the board!!!

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  • Jeremey

    $10,000 for a weekend skiing. Ooh, I forgot that is not including the weekender, the meals, the ski ramp fees, the rest of the "must have attire"! I am pleased I live in a warm climate and don't have children who have taken up skiing. On a serious note though, if skiing was your hobby you would want the safest equipment and I would believe that Bentley must have done just that!

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