Great Britain has been heralding a full-blown renaissance for its local automotive industry, a move that can be seen from the general carmakers to the high-end luxury producers.

Just as the local production in the UK hits new records, automakers need additional workforce to support the car output surge. Bentley, which is not a big carmaker and because of the exclusive brand needs highly specialized workforce is not usually making massive additions to its workforce.

But now, just like the overall British local production rises, Bentley also needs to increase local production at its Crewe factory and has decided to create an additional 141 jobs at the plant.

Parented by the Volkswagen Group, not only Europe’s largest automaker, but also in 2013 the second biggest in the world, Bentley is moving to add new models to the Crewe production lines – including its first ever Sport Utility Vehicle. For that, it has additionally created 90 engineering jobs and wants to hire a further 51 apprentices in 2014 – with the number becoming the largest in a decade.

The Crewe factory managed to win an internal competition with a Slovakia plant for assembling the SUV is set to receive an 800 million pounds investment, as the British carmaker managed to sell a record 10,120 cars in 2013 and is now moving to reach a targeted 15,000 units by 2018,

Via Financial Times


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