Bentley SUV is close to production image

Bentley car manufacturer has announced its intention to compete against the Porsche Cayenne with its own future SUV.

Although the idea of a SUV from Bentley is not new, first appearing in 2006, Cayenne’s rival could make its appearance soon.

According to the CEO of Bentley Wolfgang Dürheimer, a luxurious SUV from the car manufacturer is in demand.

Wolfgang Dürheimeralso said that the main auto markets for the new SUV from Bentley are China, Europe and the United States of America, where this segment of luxury vehicles is expanding.

The new Sports Utility Vehicle from Bentley will be added to the product lineup along with models like the Continental or the new Mulsanne.

Until the launch of the British Car manufacturer’s SUV, the company is continuing its work on fuel-saving technologies based on the W12 engine.

Considering the huge experience of Bentley in manufacturing cars and the exclusive segment where the company’s vehicles are sold and also in the increasing demand from China, the British car automaker could hit the jackpot.