Bentley SUV is still in development image

The British luxury automaker Bentley is still working on the SUV model but the final approval from the project will come from the Volkswagen Group board.

The Bentley SUV is no longer a surprise for anyone and the fact that the carmaker is planning to put it into production in the nearby future is known for quite some time, but just in case we’ve forgotten about it, the company’s officials are announcing that the model is still in development. According to the guys over at, the Bentley SUV will be launched in the nearby future and the model is most likely to be powered by the W12 engine, but a diesel option might also be in the books.

“We have a large choice of options for the SUV, but the W12 is likely as part of the development program. If we put a diesel engine in our car, we couldn’t sell it in the US or China. It depends on the business case; we look at diesel but we need the business case” as the company’s engineering chief, Rolf Frech, told

Rumors say that the Bentley SUV will be powered, besides by the W12 petrol burner, by a smaller 4.0 liter V8, along with an Audi-sourced V12 TDI. No other details have been announced yet about the model but the crossover is expected to be priced around 150.000 GBP and it’s most likely to come in 2014.