Bentley is currently teasing a new camouflage which will be added to one of its most awaited models ever, the SUV, quite soon.

The luxury carmaker Bentley has went to a whole new level with the marketing of its upcoming SUV as the company has recently released a teaser image with a so-called “revolutionary camouflage” which will be added to the model. The camouflage is apparently inspired from British artists who have experimented with optical illusions back in the ‘60s and the result is actually a diamond pattern which should draw your attention away from the actual looks of the vehicle.

The upcoming Bentley SUV will be based on the concept version named the EXP 9 F, introduced a couple of years ago, and the production variant of the model will also be based on the Continental GT. The exterior design of the model will, however, be toned down, compared to it’s the one-off EXP 9 F, and the interior design will receive the metallic accents, the wood trim, the digital instrument cluster and more. The new Bentley SUV will ride on the MLB Evo platform and it should be powered by a 4.0L V8 or by a 6.0L W12. The company might introduce a plug-in hybrid version too.


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