Bentley SUV production decision to be made “very soon” image

The decision on putting the Bentley SUV in production, or not, will be taken “very soon”, as the company’s CEO, Wolfgang Schreiber, has recently announced.

The Bentley SUV in its final production form is a subject which keeps popping up in our news once in a while and now the automaker’s CEO, Wolfgang Schreiber, is saying that a decision on putting the model into production will be taken “very soon”.

“The business case for this project is extremely strong. If we get the green light for this model we will enter the market in 2015/2016. You must understand the light never goes from red to green in one step, it changes gradually. Right now we are more or less completely green”, as Schreiber said.

The final production version of the Bentley SUV might be assembled along with the new Audi Q7 generation, with the Porsche Cayenne and with the Volkswagen Touareg at the company’s facility in Bratislava, Slovakia, rather than the facility in Crewe. The carmaker is planning to sell 3,000 to 4,000 units of the SUV annually, and the biggest markets will be Europe, the U.S., China, Russia and the Middle East.

Source: autoexpress