The British ultra-luxury automaker is doing great under VW Ag supervision, with better sales than last year and more than double those made by their former siblings – now rivals – at Rolls Royce.

The Crewe-based automaker decided to look ahead and speaking through its CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer, decided to showcase its view of the future of luxury mobility. A keynote speaker at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, the executive thinks: “The next 10 years will be transformational for luxury car makers. We will see customer demographics broaden and change dramatically to incorporate milenials; the rising affluent in developing economies; and members of Generation ‘C’ – the connected generation where attitude, rather than age, is the defining characteristic.”

The future could also bring “an entirely different attitude towards vehicle ownership” and concierge-style services and global car clubs will become important players. Inside – where all luxury matters – the luxury marquee promises to deliver the latest and greatest, including overlaying OLED screens across a door’s wood veneers to deliver high-tech, yet luxurious, access to the car’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and audio system. For now, the company is keeping itself busy with the introduction of the Continental GT Supersports – serving as a swan song for the current generation car and leading the way towards the next installment.


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