Bentley to build EXF9 Falcon SUV in Slovakia image

German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that the VW Group has already gave green light, and Bentley, the British luxury automaker will start to build the EXF9 SUV at VW’s Bratislava plant in Slovakia.

According to the same source, the new Bentley SUV will start at 200,000 euro ( the basic version ) and will come equipped with a 600 hp W12 petrol engine. Bentley chief Wolfgang Schreiber expects to sell up to 5,000 units / year.

“If you saw the styling, you would say, ‘That is a real Bentley,’” said Schreiber.

“We will build the car,” somebody from the VW board told Handelsblatt.

Unveiled for the first time at last year’s Geneva Motor Show, the EXF9 SUV – codenamed FALCON, will use a modified version of the next VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne platform, and an W12 engine shared with the new Continental GT. On the same time a second 4.0 liter V8 engine will be available.

Even if the situation outside is not that ‘green’ Bentley sold 8,510 vehicles globally last year – an increase of 22 per cent. As expected, the U.S. managed to maintain its position as the single biggest market – with 2,457 Bentley’s being purchased in 2012.

However, considering that in 2012 Bentley sold 8,510 vehicles globally – we’re asking – it is possible to sell 5,000 SUV’s / year ?

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