Luxury carmaker Bentley Motors, the largest producer of 12 cylinder engines, on Wednesday said the company would move production of all its v 12 engines from Germany to the UK.

With this decision, Bentley will export engines for the first time in its history from its Crewe plant, creating around 100 jobs across the business. The announcement comes after the British based automaker said the company pushed operating profits to £140 million, up 67 per cent from the year before.


“This is an important step, not just for Bentley but also for the UK manufacturing sector. This W12 centre of excellence is recognition of the long standing engine manufacturing expertise we have that has resulted in performance improvements across the model ranges over recent years.

The production of this advanced engine and its future generations will bring new technologies and skills to Crewe, ” Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors, said

At this moment Bentley build W12 engines (four rows of three cylinders merged into two ‘cylinder banks’) for the Flying Spur, Continental GT and GTC models – making up to 606 hp, but following the announcement, it will also export W12 engines for Audi A8 models and other high-end VW vehicles, like the VW Phaeton.

In 2013, Bentley sold 10,120 cars globally – up 19 percent compared to 2012 – a record year for the British firm. Those numbers helped the company to announce record profits – £140 million, up 67 percent compared to 2012.

From 2016 Bentley will start selling its first SUV model – and according to some internal sources, the automaker plans to sell 150,000 units by 2018.



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