Bentley to produce cars for oil tycoons and drug lords image

Bentley is currently considering an armored-car division which will produce vehicles for markets like Russia, Latin America or the Middle East.

The British based luxury carmaker Bentley is trying to expand its operating fields and its future customers will be drug lords, terrorists and oil tycoons because the company is planning a new division, which will produce armored vehicles. According to Edmunds, Bentley will aim its new vehicles towards markets like Russia, Latin America or the Middle East because there is a high demand for such cars in those places.

“We are growing in more and more markets. For these markets, security is an issue. We are looking at the business case of doing armored cars. There is also demand from Russia and the Middle East. We cannot do this for just one country. There are other countries where there is a need for this”, said the company’s finance chief, Jan Henrik Lafrentz.

With the financial crisis severely affecting almost every zone on the globe, rich people have to be safe and an armored vehicle seems like the right choice in this case. Bentley isn’t the only automaker to offer armored cars and Land Rover is already selling armored versions of its cars and recently a bulletproof Hyundai Equus has made its debut.