Because Europe and America are passing through one of the worst financial crisis, not only GM, Ford and Chrysler see a rescue in the Chinese market. British luxury carmaker Bentley is displaying four new renowned models for the Chinese market, where more Bentley cars are likely be sold than in the United States by 2012, said Guanbgzhou Daily today.
The Bentley Arnage RL, Bentley Arnage RL, Continental GTC and Continental Flying Spur are displayed at the event.

Bentley is achieving remarkable sales growth in China, though still far from its sales in the U.S. and the UK, said Zheng Biao, general manager of Bentley China. As one of Bentley’s emerging markets, China has contributed a lot to the British brand’s rapid growth in recent years. Bentley sold 36 cars when it debuted in mainland China in 2002, and sold 338 cars in China’s mainland and Hong Kong in 2007, and the number is nearing 500 now.
Despite the current global financial crisis, Bentley expects the luxury car market in China will grow stably in the coming years. The company aims to sell 1,000 units annually in China while the American and European markets are slowing down. Within four years, More Bentley cars are expected to sell in China than in the United States, said Zheng.
Now China has become the fifth largest market for Bentley, accounting for nearly 10% of Bentley’s global sales, and is also the best market for Bentley Arnage-RL in global markets for four straight years.


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