Bentley’s Bentayga is a high-tech crossover, has its own Apple Watch app image

Talk about the impact of the connected car segment on today’s social life. The mighty Bentley Bentayga, the world’s first ultra-luxury crossover SUV has its own Apple Watch app.

That’s because nothing may be more luxurious and geeky at the same time than controlling some vehicle functions via your smartwatch. “The luxury of control on your wrist.” This is how Bentley bills the new idea – which combines the Bentayga SUV with Apple’s Watch. Well, given the Apple Watch isn’t dead because it ran out of battery, the passengers and driver of the Bentayga can leave all the common folks behind and stop fiddling with the buttons and knobs. They can just sit back, relax, and read the time – sorry – use the smartwatch to access functions such as climate control, entertainment, seat heating and massage, and more, right from their smartwatches. That’s because reading time will be done on the smartphone, not the time piece.

Apple Watch owners just need a Bentayga to connect via Bluettoh and can also see things like vehicle speed, distance travelled, and outside temperature. All that data is also on display on the instrument panels, but why bother glancing all the way when you can just lift your arm. Jokes aside, the idea is just part of the trend that sees automaker looking to come up with new ways of introducing the latest technology features inside their vehicles. You might think the app is a little geeky, but just remember Bentley is offering the Bentayga with an optional $160,000 clock.

Bentley’s Bentayga is a high-tech crossover, has its own Apple Watch app 0