Bentley’s Bentayga spotted in the metal roaming the streets of Bristol, UK image

The world’s first ultra-luxury SUV is something to talk about in the years to come, as we’re pretty sure it will usher a new era of delivering plush and lavish vehicles that also sport mild off-roading characteristics.

And since we’re talking about a model that costs as much as 20 Fiat 500X crossovers and is 100 times more exclusive, seeing the Bentley Bentayga in the real world is what we would call a treat. Back at home in the United Kingdom we can see this blue unit roaming the streets – more precisely in Bristol. And the car seems to have already clocked more than a few miles on the odometer because it has been registered since November 26, 2015. And by the way, with the images coming from a Reddit user we also took a look at the associated comments, which show the Bentayga is pretty much a “love it or hate it” model – with the world also needing some time to recover from the shock and ore of having an ultra-luxury SUV on the streets.

By the way, we should also be reminded of the Porsche Cayenne saga – which in its early days was called a Doomsday scenario for the German manufacturer of classic sports cars. Well, history has taught us they nailed it right, with the SUV being their best selling machine and now already having on the streets its own baby brother to lift even further both profits and sales.

Via illitirate_adam

Bentley’s Bentayga spotted in the metal roaming the streets of Bristol, UK0