Although not long ago the world faced a big economic crisis, the premium and luxury brands have been among the first to recover – a fact also true in the auto industry.

The latest example is Bentley, which released its first quarter sales and happily announced they went up by 17% – reaching 2,580 cars, up from 2,212 units in the same period last year.

“We continue to expand our position as the world’s most sought after luxury car brand in what remains a challenging sector. Success in our established key markets, like the US, China, and Europe played a major role, but also growing our global presence in developing markets such as the Middle East and Asia Pacific ensured an impressive start to the year. With the arrival of new models such as the Continental GT Speed and Flying Spur V8, we are confident to continue our strong performance throughout 2014,” said Kevin Rose, Bentley’s sales chief.

Bentley had a strong performance across all regions, with the US heading the tally at 698 cars (+10%). Second best was China, up 19% and with 564 units delivered. The core European market also grew, reaching 374 vehicles, a 12% jump over the same period in 2013. A strong performer was, as usual, the Middle East, where Bentley went up 42% to 311 vehicles.


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